About Us

“It was worth the countless hours in the shop, obsessing over every detail.”

~Adam Butlein | Chief Illumination Officer

Our Committment

To Our Customers

To our community…

To the greatest extent possible, we source and manufacture the LiteZilla components locally.  We strive to cooperate and collaborate with our community partners and with businesses who share similar values to establish a fair exchange.

We believe in a clear obligation to the community and to future generations to sustain a vibrant local business community and to create livable communities with healthy ecosystems in the process.

To our business practice…

At LiteZilla™, we are also committed to establishing and maintaining the highest levels of ethical, environmental, and safety standards in both production and business practices.  As a company, we are devoted to treating our customers, shareholders, vendors, partners and contractors with honesty, transparency, and fairness.

We proudly align ourselves with other manufacturers, organizations, and providers who share our ethical standards.

LiteZilla™ at ABT, Glenview Illinois 

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