As with most brilliant ideas, we proudly stole the LiteZilla™ concept from our children. Since day one, our older daughter has been a calm, neat, and introspective little person. One of her favorite things to do is sit on the floor while sorting things around her. Whether it be crayons, markers, toys, or blocks, she has a flare for organization. To her, everything has a place. She likes to organize and then organize what she has just organized.

Our youngest daughter, however, is the complete opposite. She is a wild one. She thrives on chaos, disorder and excitement. Neatness may not be her mode of operation, but she certainly has a creative flare, to say the least. Engaging our two very different children in the same activity was often a challenge. Although, on one fateful rainy day, my wife was moving boxes in the basement and stumbled across my old photography gear. Buried below was an old lightbox that I had used to view negatives. We pulled it out, plugged it in, and turned it on. The girls came running over. My wife found some blue cellophane and placed it on the table. We then found some flashlights and affixed more cellophane to the ends of them. We watched as our 2 daughters danced, played and laughed the afternoon away with the lights off. Never before had we witnessed the two girls so captivated and entertained in play together. We may have not been fully-aware at the time, but LiteZilla™ was born that day.

After sharing this story with a few friends, we began our work on the first LiteZilla™… a glowing canvas for all ages. Worth noting, my social circle consists of an architect, a carpenter, mechanical, civil and electrical engineers, an AutoCAD designer, a lighting specialist, a finite element analysis expert, a mathematician, a master electrician and master carpenter. Needless to say, once the seed was planted, we were off to the races.

After two years of research & development, our eclectic team finalized the LiteZilla™ design. Through the layers of sawdust, metal shavings, plastic remnants and discarded circuitry, we had a finished product. Public interest was immediate and almost overwhelming. Requests for LiteZillas™ were coming from all over the country. It was worth the countless hours in the shop, obsessing over every detail.

We set out to create a common solution for our daughters to bond and walked away with a way to light up the world.


We are committed to creating products designed for safe and creative expression for all. Each LiteZilla™ unit can be meticulously customized to support and accommodate anyone regardless of physical, mental, and sensory abilities.

At LiteZilla™, we are also committed to establishing and maintaining the highest of ethical, environmental and safety standards in both production and business practice. Our ownership strives to encourage excellence among staff members by rewarding outstanding performance, demonstrations of teamwork and passion for innovation. As a company, we are dedicated to treating our customers, shareholders, vendors, partners and fellow team members with honesty, transparency and fairness at all times. We proudly align ourselves with manufacturers, organizations and providers who share our ethical standards.


Our product design is directly influenced by the Seven Principles of Universal Design:

1. Equitable Use
2. Flexibility in Use
3. Simple and Intuitive Use
4. Perceptible Information
5. Tolerance for Error
6. Low Physical Effort
7. Size and Space for Approach and Use

Guided by this framework, LiteZilla™ will always meet our goal in adapting to the widest range of abilities in virtually any environment or setting. We ultimately aim to increase access, safety, comfort, accessibility and social participation through our offerings.



A LiteZilla™ is a handcrafted, glowing, interactive canvas. Inspired by the Lite-Brite, LiteZilla™ features a customizable front grid, backlit with energy-saving LEDs. People of all ages and capabilities can insert our enormous LitePins™ into the grid to create and illuminate any design, pattern, or message they wish. Weight and dimensions vary based on unit size.

LiteZillas™ start at $5,000. The price of each varies based on model, finish, and size. Contact us for more details.

Wall-Mounted LiteZillas™: Explorer, Inventor, Voyager, Designer

EXPLORER LINE: Our EXPLORER LiteZillas™ are our “quick-ship” LiteZillas™. They can be ordered without a consultation. The Explorer line comes in 3 fixed sizes with a selection of prepackaged rainbow colored LitePins™.


INVENTOR LINE: Our INVENTOR LiteZillas™ are designed for medical environments. Instead of a 100% wood frame, some parts can also made of HDPE, making them our most durable offering. The back-lights can be turned on in phases to allow those with sensory issues to adapt to the LiteZilla™ at their own pace. The LitePins™ can be ordered in specialized sizes to accommodate little fingers or those working on small motor skills. In addition, the location of the LitePin™ bins and grid design can be customized to ensure that they are accessible for all ages and capabilities.


VOYAGER LINE: Our VOYAGER LiteZillas™ come on a mobile cart. They can be single or dual sided. In addition to the standard plug for power, our Voyager cart-mounted LiteZillas™ can also be ordered with a battery pack for community outreach and Maker Faire events. They can also be designed for indoor or outdoor use.


DESIGNER LINE: Our DESIGNER LiteZillas™ are 100% customizable. The shape and material of the frame as well as the front grid and LitePins™ can each be modified to fit virtually any aesthetic or request. They can also be designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Table-top LiteZillas™: Recess, 4-Square, Date-night

RECESS and 4-SQUARE: Our RECESS and 4-SQUARE LiteZillas™ are 2×2 and 2×4 respectively.
This is a durable table top LiteZilla that allows for a different play experience. They can be ordered with a removable top grid. The tables then double as an illuminated tracing or working space.

DATE-NIGHT: Our DATE-NIGHT LiteZilla™ table caters to an adult aesthetic and can be used a lounge table.

Free-Standing LiteZillas™: Duo, Trio, Quartet

Our FREE-STANDING LiteZillas™ do not mount to a wall. The can be 2-sided (Duo), 3-sided (Trio), or 4 –sided (Quartet). Each side has its own display and LitePins™ which allows for simultaneous play from multiple users.

Our LitePins™ are truly a stand-out in the industry not only because of the quality of the product, but also because of the incredible color varieties. We offer 20 different colors!

Custom LitePins™ can also be manufactured to match any Pantone color selection.This means that the LitePins™ will perfectly match a company’s logo colors and always be “on brand.”

Our LitePin™ acrylic rods are 1″ in diameter and 4″ long. They are cut and flame-polished to ensure a safe, smooth edge. Our LitePins™ have been cleared by a licensed pediatrician as non-choking hazards and safe for children of all ages.

Each LiteZilla™ comes with enough LitePins™ to cover every hole, with a 5% overage.

Our LitePins™ feature optical clarity, outstanding light transmission and superior durability. The material is half the weight of glass with 10x the strength. LitePins™™ are not affected by sunlight, aging, temperature, or moisture. They will not warp, shatter, or corrode.

Our EXPLORER, INVENTOR, and VOYAGER LiteZillas are coated in a specialty finish which allows them to be cleaned with with hospital-grade disinfectants and cleaners as often as needed without the concern of any warping or deterioration.

DESIGNER LiteZillas will come with material-specific cleaners based on the wood or metal type.

Our LitePins™ can be cleaned with soap and water or they can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.
Should a client have multiple locations and multiple LiteZillas™, we offer an on-going service plan to clean the LitePins™ on a regular basis.

LiteZilla™ requires a standard 110V American power outlet directly behind the unit. It ships with a 6-foot cord, and draws an average of 6 amps.
They are powered on and off via a light switch built into the side of the frame.
Voyager mobile units can be ordered with battery packs. Stationary LiteZillas™ can be ordered for hardwired installations as well.

LiteZillas™ feature energy-saving custom built LED lights. There are redundant LED which means that in the rare chance of one diode failing, the light output will be unaffected

We provide detailed product and installation documentation with all of our units. In the event support is needed, feel free to reach out! We will walk you through with any installation questions or maintenance needed for as long as you own your LiteZilla™!

More than just a contract, our warranty is our personal commitment that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase now and in the future.

Your LiteZilla™ purchase includes a Lifetime Warranty on all material and/or workmanship defects.

We offer a 2-year warranty on all electrical components (power switch, power transformers and supplies and the LED lights) which starts on the date the LiteZilla arrives to your location. If a replacement part is needed within the 2-year warranty period we will ship replacement parts at no cost to you, with free shipping anywhere in the US or Canada.

LiteZillas™ are crated and shipped worldwide with all hardware required for installation.

Our shipping department experts will carefully handle all arrangements and details from our door to yours.

Your LiteZilla™ will come fully assembled with step-by-step installation instructions. Wall mounted LiteZillas™ arrive with metal Z-clip attached to the rear of the box which will secure it to the wall by tapping directly into wood or metal studs. Additional wall blocking is suggested for large units.

Most LiteZillas™ can be installed in less than 1 hour.