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LiteZilla™ is a handcrafted, glowing, interactive canvas. People of all ages can insert our enormous rainbow colored LitePins™ into the front grid to create and illuminate any design, pattern, or message they wish.

LiteZilla for Events

  • From music festivals to brand activations, the fun gravitates to LiteZilla and its countless possibilities!
  • Bring the crowd to life with brilliant light!
  • Inspire creativity and encourage social sharing with the world’s largest Lite Brite!
  • Amplify your brand
  • Upgrade events like never before 
  • Invigorate social media exposures as customers share their creations with the world.

“The Litezilla is one of those remarkable items that combines fun, function, and imagination!”

John Rocco Pinto
Image & Whimsy Buyer
Hammacher Schlemmer

“LiteZilla is a great addition to ZAPPOS! Not a day goes by that I don’t see people playing, creating, and sharing the nostalgic experience.”

Tyler Williams

“I would recommend this product over and over again! Simply an amazing sight for everyone who sees it, and creates with it!”

Dr. Michelle Kim

Transform Your Event Into AMAZING

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