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LiteZilla® inspires everybody’s creative side while illuminating any space with brilliant color and impactful design!

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LiteZilla Pricing

We welcome all custom requests. All our prices include shipping within the United States.

Looking for a size or configuration not listed here? The LiteZilla design team of Illumineers is happy to accommodate custom requests. Each LiteZilla Illumineer is available to provide advice and recommendations through consultation regarding product design, sensory and therapeutic impact, product development, and project management. Just reach out using the form above!


  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Constructed out of medical-grade black high-density polyethylene resin (HDPE).
  • There are no internal moving parts making them super durable and virtually maintenance-free.
  • Built with convenient illuminated storage cubbies for easy access to the LitePins.

The Lights

  • The energy-efficient LED backlights are some of the most reliable in the industry.
  • They boast a 70,000 hour lifespan (compared to 50,000 for most) meaning under normal conditions they will last for 16-20 years.

The Power

  • Units plug into a standard 110V wall outlet and have an on/off switch built into the side of the frame.

Use our 4” x 1” translucent, cylindrical rods to express your creativity in color!

The pins are designed to fit comfortably into the board’s holes and illuminate instantly in the hue of your choice. Move them with ease from hole to hole and watch as your brilliant work of art comes to life!

We handle all of the shipping logistics to safely get your LiteZilla from our (magic) workshop to your door! Units arrive fully-assembled and ready to hang. 

They come with all hardware required for installation which consists of metal Z-clips and support legs.

Most can be installed in less than 1-hour!


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The Perfect Fit

LiteZilla is available in several sizes to bring any space to life in full color!


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Your purchase includes shipping, LitePins, and everything you need to get started!