As with most brilliant ideas, we proudly stole the LiteZilla™ concept from our children. Since day one, our older daughter has been a calm, neat, and introspective little person. One of her favorite things to do is sit on the floor while sorting things around her. Whether it be crayons, markers, toys, or blocks, she has a flare for organization. To her, everything has a place. She likes to organize and then organize what she has just organized.

Our youngest daughter, however, is the complete opposite. She is a wild one. She thrives on chaos, disorder and excitement. Neatness may not be her mode of operation, but she certainly has a creative flare, to say the least. Engaging our two very different children in the same activity was often a challenge. Although, on one fateful rainy day, my wife was moving boxes in the basement and stumbled across my old photography gear. Buried below was an old lightbox that I had used to view negatives. We pulled it out, plugged it in, and turned it on. The girls came running over. My wife found some blue cellophane and placed it on the table. We then found some flashlights and affixed more cellophane to the ends of them. We watched as our 2 daughters danced, played and laughed the afternoon away with the lights off.

litezilla story 3

Never before had we witnessed the two girls so captivated and entertained in play together. We may have not been fully-aware at the time, but LiteZilla™ was born that day.

After sharing this story with a few friends, we began our work on the first LiteZilla™… a glowing canvas for all ages. Worth noting, my social circle consists of an architect, a carpenter, mechanical, civil and electrical engineers, an AutoCAD designer, a lighting specialist, a finite element analysis expert, a mathematician, a master electrician and master carpenter.

Needless to say, once the seed was planted, we were off to the races. After two years of research & development, our eclectic team finalized the LiteZilla™ design. Through the layers of sawdust, metal shavings, plastic remnants and discarded circuitry, we had a finished product. Public interest was immediate and almost overwhelming. Requests for LiteZillas™ were coming from all over the country. It was worth the countless hours in the shop, obsessing over every detail.

adam litezillaAdam Butlein
Cheif Illumination Officer


We set out to create a common solution for our daughters to bond, and walked away with a way to light up the world.

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