Product FAQ’s

litezilla product faqs
litezilla product faq
LiteZilla™ Overview

LiteZilla™ is a handcrafted, glowing, interactive canvas. People of all ages can insert our enormous rainbow colored LitePins™ into the front grid to create and illuminate any design, pattern, or message they wish. Illuminate your imagination! We design and manufacture custom products and exhibits for medical and hospitality spaces, homes, offices, special events and festivals, houses of worship, children’s museums, libraries, and science centers.

LiteZilla: Playing with it is universal. Creating on it is inspirational.

Front Grid

Made from Surgical-grade HDPE.  All holes are tooled, not drilled so there are no sharp edges.

There are no closing flaps over the holes, saving on maintenance and keeping little fingers safe!

Design Options

Design Options:

  • Single-sided wall mounted
  • Mounted on mobile cart
  • Wall mounted 2-sided
  • Outdoor rate
  • Mobile 2-sided
Branding Options

LitePins™: LitePins™ can be engraved with your company logo or message on the ends.

Signage: Add your company logo to the front of the LiteZilla printed on a plaque over the front of the power cubby.

Your name in Lites: Add a custom LiteZilla top with specialty tooled holes with your company’s name or message set permanently in glowing LitePins™.

LitePin™ Information

Our LitePin™ acrylic rods are 1″ in diameter and 4″ long. They are cut and flame-polished to ensure a safe, smooth edge. Our LitePins™ have been cleared by a licensed pediatrician as non-choking hazards and safe for children of all ages.

Each LiteZilla™ comes with enough LitePins™ to cover every hole, with a 5% overage.

Our LitePins™ feature optical clarity, outstanding light transmission and superior durability. The material is half the weight of glass with 10x the strength. LitePins™™ are not affected by sunlight, aging, temperature, or moisture. They will not warp, shatter, or corrode.

LitePin™ Colors

Our LitePins™ are truly a stand-out in the industry not only because of the quality of the product, but also because of the incredible color varieties.

Cleaning LiteZilla™

LiteZillas™ are coated in a specialty finish which allows them to be cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants and cleaners as often as needed without the concern of any warping or deterioration.

LitePins™ can be cleaned in a solution of soap and water with a drop of bleach or they can be placed in a dishwasher.

For installations that have several LiteZillas in one or more locations, we offer a service plan where a LiteZilla team member will come out to to clean the LiteZillas™ and LitePins™ on a regular basis.

Power Supply

LiteZilla™ requires a standard 110V American power outlet directly behind the unit. It ships with a 6-foot cord and is powered on and off via a light switch built into the side of the frame.

Select mobile and tabletop units can be ordered with battery packs.

Stationary LiteZillas™ can be ordered for hardwired installations as well.


LiteZillas™ feature energy-saving custom built LED lights. There are redundant LED which means that in the rare chance of one diode failing, the light output will be unaffected.

Lifetime Tech Support

We provide detailed product and installation documentation with all of our units. In the event support is needed, feel free to reach out! We will walk you through with any installation questions or maintenance needed for as long as you own your LiteZilla™!

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