Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!
How About Some Unbiased Reviews?

Look At The Colors

Look at the colors in here.The LiteZilla is so beautiful and adds so much to the room.The room says happy, safe, and ok, and those are the things we were looking for as we waited for her radiation treatment.

Kate De Young / Mom of Brain Tumor Survivor

Light Up With Joy

Playing with Litezilla allows children to escape to their imaginations, unleashing their creativity, so they can forget about their worries in the clinic.  Parents of these patients find respite in these moments too, watching the faces of these children light up with joy instead of experiencing fear while awaiting treatment.

Dr. Malika Siker


I can’t thank you enough for creating one of the most spectacular experiences for my clients. My installation is unique, exciting and it looks beautiful! People walking by, stop into my office just to inquire about it.

Claudia Espinoza / Revel Design

We Love It

We love our LiteZilla! It receives positive comments from all who visit our school.

Ellen Dietrick / Temple Beth Shalom

They Run To It

As soon as our younger population sees it, they run to it to create, play, talk and share.

Pastor Bill Knapp / Fox Point Lutheran Church

We Love Our LiteZilla

Our patients do also! The LiteZilla is a fun and creative way to keep our kiddos busy and have fun while in our lobby…they don’t want to leave.

Dr. Ajay Joshi / Hoosier Pediatric Dental

Creative and Fun

LiteZilla provides a creative, fun, and colorful environment which our patients will surely enjoy for years to come.

Gina Vrtochnick

Not Just the Lights

It’s the continuous joy it brings to continuous excitement and joy it brings to every person. For every child – and every child within us – that’s what it’s all about, and that’s why I love the LiteZillas in each of my offices.

Dr Chris Halper / North Georgia Pediatric Dentistry

Fun For Adults and Kids

Kids and adults alike love it. I’m looking forward to many hours of creative design time with family and friends.

Scott Schroeder / BAM Funds

Loves LiteZilla

My daughter Gianna has brain/neuro differences.
She LOVES LiteZilla, but who wouldn’t? I really recommend it for all!

Barbara Parker / Mom and Autism Advocate

They Run To It

LiteZilla is one of the first things visitors comment on when they enter our space. …we are now the cool place to be!

Rabbi Todd Markley / Temple Beth Shalom

Was a “God Send”

LiteZilla was a god send at my son’s recent visit to the dentist.
Jeremy Crause

Jeremy Crause / Kapital Realestate