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How About Some Unbiased Reviews?

LiteZilla is the highlight of our dental office!

I ordered one for our new pediatric dentistry office in Portage Michigan and it has been such a hit with the kids and their parents!

LiteZilla is amazing and every day there is a new design.You could not ask for a better team to work with.They go above and beyond.You will not regret the decision to have a LiteZilla.

Dr. Jody Wrathall / Portage Pediatric Dentistry

LiteZilla was a god-send at my son’s recent visit to the dentist.

My youngest son was reluctant to go see the dentist. Once we got there, he immediately let his guard down and started moving the LiteZilla pegs all around.

After 15 minutes playing with this giant, his transition to the dentist chair was seamless. Thank you so much LiteZilla.

Jeremy Crouse / Kapital Realestate

I cannot say enough great things about LiteZilla!

I ordered a minizilla for my pediatric dental office and it is the first things kids gravitate towards upon entering our office.

Kids and parents both love it! LiteZilla’s customer service is top notch and you can tell they really care about every little detail and want their customers to be 100% satisfied. I would recommend this product over and over again!

Dr. Michelle Kim / Austin Pearls Pediatric Dentistry

Their faces light up with joy instead of experiencing fear while awaiting treatment.

Children who undergo radiation therapy for cancer can experience stress and anxiety surrounding their daily treatments.

Playing with Litezilla allows them to escape to their imaginations, unleashing their creativity, so they can forget about their worries in the clinic.

Dr. Malika Siker / Froedert Hospital & The Medical College of Wisconsin

I’m completely blown away!

Working with LiteZilla has been an absolute pleasure…From the initial consultation, to the delivery of the product, everything was first class….My LiteZilla feels like a piece of art.

It has already brought so much joy to everyone that sees it. It creates a rich environment perfect for productivity and creative expression that’s almost impossible to duplicate.

It’s an investment that continues to give back.

Sam Washer / WayAround

LiteZilla has brought a ton of new patients!

LiteZilla has become such an incredible addition to my pediatric dental lobby.

Toddlers, teenagers and parents are amazed at how much fun it is! I bought one almost a year ago and people stop by my office just to inquire about it!

Dr. Cameron Wagner / Wagner Pediatric Dentistry